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More than 4 million Americans use braces to straighten their teeth and improve their appearance. At Mission Dental, Leslie Trinh, DDS, has more than 19 years of experience providing dental treatments and orthodontic care. She’s ready to guide you to a healthy bite and a beautiful smile with braces. Call the office in Houston, Texas, or click the online booking tool to schedule your appointment today.

Braces Q & A

What do braces do?

Braces move your teeth to correct crooked or overcrowded teeth, also known as malocclusion. They use low force levels to gradually shift your teeth and provide you with a great smile.

When do I need braces?

If you have any of the following conditions, braces could be a good choice for you.


In an overbite, your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth when you close your mouth.


If you have an underbite (the opposite of an overbite), your bottom teeth sit outside of your top teeth with your mouth closed.

Open bite

In an open bite, your top and bottom teeth angle out, which prevents your teeth from touching when you close your mouth.

Spacing issues

If you have spacing issues, your teeth have gaps where they should be side by side.

Teeth crowding

Teeth crowding means your jaw can't comfortably hold all your teeth without overlap.


Crossbite means that your top and bottom teeth aren't in the proper relative positions. Often, this means that the top teeth in the back of your mouth fit inside the bottom teeth, but crossbite can occur in other ways, too.

Braces may also be part of an orthodontic care plan for other reasons, such as slow jaw development. Dr. Trinh can evaluate your bite to determine whether braces are the right choice for you.

How long do I need to wear braces?

It depends on your issues and treatment goals, but in general, most people wear braces for about two years. Dr. Trinh gives you an approximate treatment time before you get braces.

Can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Yes. In some cases, clear aligners like SureSmile® or ClearCorrect® can straighten your teeth over time, just like braces. Clear aligners are very popular because they’re almost invisible, very comfortable, and removable.

Clear aligners can generally treat overbite, underbite, and the same other malocclusion issues that braces treat. But, in cases where teeth straightening is part of a larger orthodontic care plan for extreme malocclusion, traditional braces are often the better choice.

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