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With dentures, you can restore some or all of your natural teeth. Many people dread dentures because they’re worried about slippage or poor fit, but with the latest technology, that’s no longer a concern. At Mission Dental in Houston, Texas, talented dentist Leslie Trinh, DDS, has decades of experience designing perfect-fit dentures, and she’s ready to help you. Book your appointment using the online scheduling tool or call Mission Dental today.

Dentures Q & A

What are the different types of dentures?

Today’s dentures look and feel natural because they’re designed for your particular needs and measurements in mind. The main options include:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are a replacement for a small group of teeth in your top or bottom arch. A partial denture fits with your natural teeth and helps you avoid teeth shifting and other problems associated with empty tooth sockets. Partial dentures are removable, and you need to clean them daily.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures cover your whole upper or lower jaw to replace all the teeth in that arch. Just as with partial dentures, complete dentures are removable and you need to clean them every day.

Implant dentures

Implant dentures are complete or partial dentures secured with one or more dental implants. For a complete denture, you generally need at least four dental implants, and a partial denture may need as little as one implant. Implant dentures could be an excellent option if you prefer a permanent solution rather than daily denture care.

Mission Dental is happy to review all the denture choices with you during your consultation.

How long does it take to get dentures?

The process usually takes a couple of months or so. After your tooth extractions, you normally need about 6-8 weeks to recover.

Your gums and the bone below shrink and change in shape somewhat during this time, which is why Dr. Trinh doesn’t typically design your new dentures until then.

If you’re worried about going without teeth during the healing period, immediate dentures could be the right choice.

Dr. Trinh designs immediate dentures before extracting your teeth, which means she can place them immediately after extractions. But, with immediate dentures, you likely need to have more adjustments.

How do you get used to wearing dentures?

It takes a little while to get used to your dentures, but you’ll find that it gets easier with every passing day. A few things that can help include:

  • Chew evenly, using both sides of your mouth
  • Avoid sticky, chewy, and hard foods at first
  • Use a thin layer of denture adhesive for extra stability

If your dentures don’t feel natural, get broken, or start slipping, call Mission Dental to arrange a visit with Dr. Trinh. You may need a minor adjustment to improve fit.

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