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Children with poor dental health perform worse in school and miss more school days than their cavity-free counterparts. If your child has cavities or other oral health issues, they could have problems eating, talking, and developing normally. Pediatric dentistry care from a dedicated specialist like Leslie Trinh, DDS, at Mission Dental in Houston, Texas, is essential. All ages are welcome, so book an appointment online or call the office today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

When should my child have their first pediatric dentistry visit?

Schedule your child’s first visit to Mission Dental when they’re 6-12 months old, or whenever they get their first tooth.

Dr. Trinh has extensive experience comforting and supporting young children and their families, and she can help you make the right choices for your child’s oral health now and in the future.

Why are primary teeth so important?

It's true that your child eventually loses their primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, but that doesn't mean it's OK to neglect oral health during childhood.

Your child's baby teeth are crucial for normal speech development, eating, and maintaining a pathway for permanent teeth to follow later.

Infections in baby teeth can potentially transfer into their new adult teeth. By taking care of your child’s baby teeth, you can prepare them for a lifetime of good oral health.

How can children prevent cavities?

You can help your child prevent cavities with simple oral care at home, along with regular appointments at Mission Dental.


Before your child has teeth, gently wipe their gums twice daily using soft gauze. Once they have teeth, brush twice a day using a soft, age-appropriate toothbrush and water.

Dr. Trinh advises you of the right age to start using fluoride toothpaste, which is usually after age 2.


Once they have enough teeth to fit snugly together, floss your child’s teeth every day.

Dental sealants

Many children benefit from dental sealants, thin coatings that protect vulnerable teeth from bacteria. Dental sealants on molar chewing surfaces can prevent 80% of childhood cavities.


A balanced diet with regular meal times and limited snacking is a good way to limit exposure to oral bacteria. Emphasize a low sugar diet wherever possible, as sugar is a leading cause of tooth decay.

Dr. Trinh may also have some additional tips for you to implement in your home. Of course, regular teeth cleanings and oral exams (every six months) are also a major part of cavity prevention.

With regular appointments, Dr. Trinh can identify and treat cavities and other problems long before they get serious and cause major damage.

Call Mission Dental or use the online booking tool to schedule your child’s visit with Dr. Trinh now.